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UX vs UI vs Product Design

What makes product designers different? It’s about going beyond usability and using design to address the business’ unique goals of adoption, conversion, retention and growth.

How Product Marketing Influences a Product Launch

Product marketers have a lot of responsibility in a new product launch. Let’s break down what they are and why product marketers are best suited to do them.

What is Product Brand?

One of the main things we want to do on the Better Product Podcast is peel back the curtain on how digital products are made and how you can create better product. We’ve curated this resource from our series on product brand to help you understand how brand can be a business driver for your organization, no matter its stage.

Common Misconceptions of Product-Led Growth

Here are four common misconceptions on what product-led growth.

What is a Challenger Brand?

Brand can be your product’s great differentiator: It drives the perception of your business. But a new trend has emerged. According to The Challenger Project, there are 10 different types of challenger brands. Let’s break them down.

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