Better Product

Better Product On: 2020 Year in Review

The digital product space has been permanently affected by the events of this year. In what ways?  In this episode, we’re diving deep into the changes that are likely to carry over into 2021. 

To wrap up this year, Community Manager Ellie McCandless joins this episode of Better Product ON to flip the script on hosts Christian and Anna. As Ellie asks the questions curated from the community, Christian and Anna break down the lessons they’ve learned from our guests and recap their favorite moments hosting Better Product. 


  • Product brand is a manifestation of your identity.
  • Product designers are influencers.
  • Define success for your product, or it may have an unintended impact

Things to Listen For:

  • [1:27] How has 2020 affected the digital product space?
  • [9:45-14:32] Predictions in the product space 
  • [21:18] What were Christian and Anna’s most memorable guests?
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