Building an Audience Before Your Digital Product Launches

How do you build an audience when you don’t yet have a product?

This week on the Better Product podcast, we’re talking with Dave Gerhardt (@davegerhardt), VP of Marketing at Drift and author of Conversational Marketing. When Dave, a.k.a “DG”, started with Drift, there was no product. Yet his first assignment was to build an audience. So, how did he do it?

He started by asking questions. Just like when you go to build your product, you talk to who you think the end user is. You ask them questions, you seek to understand their pain. Then you build, or, in this case, you create the content.

You’ll learn how DG focused his content to serve their future product users. In doing so, he built an established audience who already trusted Drift as a brand. So when it was time to launch the product, they already had users in place.

If you feel like you’re fighting a product feature war – or just struggling with marketing in general – this episode is a must-listen.

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