Playing the Game of Business with Jason Becker, RICS Software and DyKnow

“Rare and valuable opportunities come to people with rare and valuable skills.”

That tidbit comes from Jason Becker, the CEO of RICS Software and DyKnow – two very different, but very successful software companies. 

Getting there wasn’t a straight shot and it included getting hit with the word “no” from the very start.

So Jason went out into the business world, built up his credibility, and made a name for himself. He took the time to learn how to play the whole business game and work with “must-have” products that solve real problems for the consumer. 

Listen to his conversation with Austin to hear how he went from a “no” to CEO.


  • You need a strategic fit to achieve success.  
  • You have to understand what game you’re in in order to run the right business plays.
  • You have to solve real problems.

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:26] The benefits of struggling 
  • [03:53] The importance of building up your skill set 
  • [05:43] Jason’s story of starting at RICS Software and DyKnow
  • [08:12] What RICS Software and DyKnow are
  • [09:31] Successful change management 
  • [12:02] What does ‘’strategic fit’’ mean?
  • [13:41] The deciding factor in a company’s success
  • [14:32] “Must have” companies vs “nice to have” companies
  • [15:42] Why Jason’s never raised capital at his companies 
  • [22:26] Understanding the game you’re in
  • [23:18] What’s up next for RICS Software and DyKnow 

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