Product Marketing Series | What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing vs. traditional marketing

On Better Product, we have had the opportunity to hear some amazing product origin stories on this show. From idea to execution, we have heard how products are brought to life and grow into something that impacts millions of users. But that growth part – how does that happen?

That is what we are talking about in this new series: Product Marketing.

In this episode, we hear from Justine Jordan, former Head of Marketing at Help Scout, Maureen West, Head of Product Marketing at Conga, Daniel Incandela, Chief Marketing Officer at Conga, and Patrick Tripp, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital.

Each guest has their own unique perspective on Product Marketing – what it means, where it lives within an organization, what product marketers should do, and more. Listen in to hear how some great product marketing minds think about their craft and how they’re driving product success.

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