The Competitive Advantage Your Business Needs with Andrew Sawyer, CEO and Cofounder of Cured

Andrew Sawyer, CEO and Cofounder of Cured, has built his career in the healthcare industry from childhood, giving him a unique competitive advantage. He and his partners have a distinct understanding of what the problems in the industry are and what was needed.

This subject matter expertise is also what enabled them to acquire client’s early on in their process. “The weight of being able to have clients of that scale be really tremendous partners to us from day one really helped us.” Andrew’s not only referring to the revenue those customers provided but also the feedback they gave providing traction they needed to secure investors.

Take a listen to Andrew’s conversation with Austin to hear more about the benefits of a proven record in an industry.


  • Don’t underestimate the value of having subject matter expertise
  • Don’t underestimate the benefits of knowing the ins and outs of venture capital
  • Don’t underestimate the due diligence of vetting potential investors

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:11] Andrew’s backstory
  • [04:25] Andrew’s first taste of entrepreneurship 
  • [05:56] How healthcare influenced Andrew’s career path
  • [07:34] What Andrew learned during his time in VC
  • [09:29] Why Andrew left VC
  • [11:27] When to raise capital, and from whom
  • [13:48] Cured’s mission
  • [15:15] The process behind coming up with Cured
  • [18:50] What has contributed to Cured’s growth
  • [21:36] What comes after the startup phase 
  • [24:22] How telehealth changed the industry 
  • [24:56] Rebalancing how healthcare works after the pandemic
  • [26:59] What Cured will look like in a year
  • [28:12] The importance of building verticalized software

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