• November 03, 2021

Better Product Pour Over: Product Marketers NYC

New digital products are popping up everywhere. From traditional companies to emerging new solutions, companies are looking for ways to stand out. How do these companies decide how their product is special? Enter product marketers.

Product marketers are responsible for understanding a product’s position in the market and presenting that differentiation in a polished way. In such a unique role, where do you go to refine those skills? What are the newest industry trends for competitive analysis or brand hierarchy? We have created a space to discuss at our Better Product Pour Over: Product Marketers Edition.

Better Product Pour Overs are casual meet-ups for people ready to dive deep into their disciplines and learn something new. Through curated conversations with a drink in hand, participants will meet others in their field, share stories, and ask questions. The focus of these events are the talks, small or big, that move the community forward and create connections.
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Join us on Wednesday, November 3rd from 5:30 – 7:30 @ Grand Bar &amp; Salon as we meet with some new or familiar faces on everything product marketing.</span>