Business of Product

What’s an idea worth? In-depth conversations with host Austin Westerfeld cut through the product jargon of tech stacks and product features to help you do one thing: take your company to the next level.

The Business of Product Finale with Mike Reynolds, CEO of Innovatemap

“Let’s Press Pause” with Austin Westerfeld

Psychology-Powered Tech with Annie Miller, Founder of w/you, and Michael Fulwiler

Doing Well By Doing Good with Sonny Tai, CEO and Co-founder of Actuate

Creating Shared Experiences with Ethan Mayers, Co-founder of ChalkNotes

Using AI to Put Humans First with Etie Hertz, CEO of Loris

It’s Discovery Not Invention with Peter Sisson, CEO and Co-founder of Yaza

The Competitive Advantage Your Business Needs with Andrew Sawyer, CEO and Cofounder of Cured

The Power of Your Network with Steven Plappert, CEO and Co-founder of Forecastr

Turning a Professional Hurdle Into an Advantage with Nikki and April Dominguez, Co-founders of Handsome App