Using AI to Put Humans First with Etie Hertz, CEO of Loris

AI has a bad reputation with some industries, causing fear that it will eliminate jobs. But AI doesn’t have to replace humans. It can be a tool to make your job easier and allows you to do more.

That’s what Etie Hertz and his team at Loris are doing. He joins us to share how Loris uses AI to make customer service agents’ jobs easier, improve customer experience, and ultimately benefit brands.

Rather than replacing human agents, Loris uses AI to provide insights that allow agents to easily and effectively help customers. It helps agents put humans first.

Throughout this conversation, Etie shows us that the business of product improves the way brands interact with their customers.


  • Revolutionize your industry by introducing data analysis.
  • Use data to put humans first. AI can augment and improve human interactions, not just replace them.
  • Effective data use will become a prerequisite for all industry leaders.
  • Approach your potential clients as their consultant.

Things to Listen For:

  • [00:35] Introduction to Etie Hertz and Loris
  • [01:30] Why Etie transitioned from law to entrepreneurship
  • [03:10] Etie’s perspective on raising capital
  • [04:30] Managing a self-funded company versus investor-funded company
  • [06:00] Loris’s non-profit origins
  • [07:50] Helping agents navigate conversations with customers
  • [09:20] Improving human connection with AI-enabled technology
  • [10:50] Revolutionizing industries by introducing data analysis
  • [12:25] Enabling agents to spend their time more effectively
  • [13:45] Interacting comfortably with an AI-enabled tool
  • [14:50] Building products that make difficult jobs easier
  • [15:45] Influencing interactions with live insight
  • [17:10] Approaching potential clients as consultants
  • [18:20] Keeping messaging relatable across industries
  • [19:20] Using data will become a prerequisite for industry leaders
  • [20:00] Trends Etie anticipates across industries