The Business of Product Finale with Mike Reynolds, CEO of Innovatemap

Mike Reynolds revisits the big idea behind our show: why the business of product is never just about the product. As the co-founder & CEO of Innovatemap, a full-service digital product agency in Indianapolis and NYC, Mike explores from decades of personal experience what it takes to build a successful product business. Spoiler: Doing so takes so much more than a good product idea. In today’s environment, Mike explains that success hinges on knowing which ideas are worth building a business around. This episode will give you the roadmap you need to make that big decision.  

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  • It might be easier to become an entrepreneur; it is NOT easier to be one. 
  • Building a business requires going beyond product ideas. 
  • Seek product experts to build the right business around your product.

Things To Listen For

  • [1:30] What founders need to consider after finding their product idea 
  • [2:00] How to think about product-market fit and product differentiation
  • [2:30] When to balance building your product with promoting your product 
  • [3:30] The pros & cons of more entrepreneurs coming from specialized industries, not just tech  
  • [6:00] Why you need a team of product experts to advance your business—and what to look for when building one of your own 
  • [8:00] The difference between becoming and being an entrepreneur
  • [11:00] Mike’s predictions for the future of digital products & business