“Let’s Press Pause” with Austin Westerfeld

The past few months have been full of amazing conversations with high-growth founders and CEOs. 

We’ve noticed a few themes from this inaugural season of Business of Product:

  • Preserving the human side of tech
  • Considering new ways of fundraising
  • The power of the pivot

In this episode we breakdown these takeaways and, as you know, we believe that the Business of Product is never just about the product. So we’re also reflecting on what the Business of Product means to each of our guests.


  • Acknowledge the human side of product
  • Consider unconventional ways to raise funds
  • Stay open to the power of the pivot

Things to Listen For:

  • [00:30] Themes from this season of Business of Product
  • [01:45] Steven Plappert’s method of scarcity
  • [02:22] Jason Becker on running a profitable business
  • [03:13] Peter Sisson advice to run your company like a laboratory 
  • [03:49] Pivoting based on circumstances with Sonny Tai
  • [04:50] What the Business of Product means for our guests