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Acquisition Series | A Matter of Perspective: The Two Sides of Product Acquisition

So far in this series, we have focused on aligning product teams and product lines after an acquisition is made by a company, but what about the experience on the other side? On today’s show, we juxtapose the experience of the acquired and the acquirer.

 Being acquired can be a huge moment for a product. A chance to expand its reach to a whole new audience with resources that may not have previously been available. But there can obviously be challenges, as well. For example, how hard is it to loosen your grip on a product you created and risk seeing the vision for that product change?

In this episode, we hear from Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, and Emily Washington, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Infogix, about their experience and perspective on each side of a product acquisition. Listen in!

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