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Betting on the Future with Matt Sniff, Map My Customers

What happens when you take your finger off the pulse of your product? Matthew Sniff launched Map My Customers as a gift for his dad, and the app quickly grew in user adoption allowing him to go all in.  

Little did he know the impact COVID would soon have on his growing startup. While he could have folded under the weight of the market shift, Matt evolved the product to meet the needs of his users, which meant stepping down as CEO to move into a product role. 

He joins our Big Bets series to share his unique origin story and what betting on the future looks like moving forward.


  • Design and QA design and QA is mission-critical to the success of a product 
  • Nothing is guaranteed, it’s important to continually evolve by listening to the needs of users 
  • Capture the product vision visually and early to ensure it’s being carried out 

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:12] The origin story 
  • [02:55] What was the problem
    [04:15] Fast forward to 2020
  • [05:25] The shift in market
  • [07:30] COVID’s impact on the product 
  • [10:09] What did Matt do to embrace the unknown?
  • [14:06] Synthesizing anecdotal feedback 
  • [18:00] Stepping down as CEO 
  • [21:04] Letting the product team go 
  • [23:07] Why was there no design or QA team?
  • [23:51] What would he have done differently?
  • [26:05] The future for Map My Customers
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