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Content Experimentation and Its Impact with Alanah Joseph, HubSpot

When done well, content marketing connects your product to people communicating the value without sharing features. Podcasts are one channel in a strategy, and it’s one many brands are embracing. 

For Alanah Joseph of HubSpot, the opportunity to invest in content has been foundational to its success. She joins the Big Bets series to announce their newest bet with podcasting while sharing the driving factor behind their recent acquisition of The Hustle.


  • Content marketing communicates the story of your product 
  • Content is a tool to connect people to your product 
  • Experiment with your content to see what sticks 

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:12] Alanah’s story to HubSpot 
  • [03:27] The role of content marketing with product
    [06:26] Acquisition of The Hustle 
  • [07:24] The podcast network 
  • [12:44] How the network serves the product 
  • [14:45] How do you connect the content team with the product team 
  • [17:27] Understanding the boundaries between content creation and product innovation 
  • [19:30] How do you know content marketing works?
  • [21:00] Measuring podcast impact 
  • [24:42] Three things Alanah does every day
  • [26:49] What the future looks like
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