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Creating a Frictionless D2C Experience with Liana Herrera, Bottomless

Solving your own problems can be a shortcut to discovering a need in the market. Liana Herrera, Co-Founder of Bottomless, recognized an opportunity to disrupt the coffee industry while working through her own frustrating experiences. She joins us to share her journey and how her team is transforming the world one cup of coffee at a time.

Liana’s learned several critical lessons that can apply to any tech company, from the importance of the customer experience in shaping your brand to keeping your vision simple.


  • Solving personal problems can lead to a market opportunity 
  • Your brand is more than your product – it’s the experience.
  • Stay focused on your goals 

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:00] The problems that inspired Bottomless
  • [05:30] Differentiating from other coffee subscriptions
  • [07:30] Early problems in the business
  • [09:30] Opportunities to improve D2C engagement
  • [10:30] Creating a frictionless experience
  • [12:00] Customer experience influences your brand
  • [13:00] Removing negative emotions 
  • [14:00] Imagining the perfect experience
  • [16:00] Experience-oriented tech
  • [17:00] Staying focused on your goals
  • [17:45] Building a sensor-enabled marketplace
  • [19:00] Measuring success through retention
  • [20:00] Experimenting to grow
  • [21:30] Surprises throughout Liana’s journey
  • [23:30] Trends in growth channels
  • [26:00] Looking toward the future of Bottomless
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