Better Product

Evolving Product to Deliver the Right Solution

What happens when your audience doesn’t use your product like you thought they would?

If you’re like Stephanie Ragozzino, you evolve your solution to deliver the right user experience. Stephanie is the EVP of Product Development at PERQ, which leverages Artificial Intelligence to help guide buyers through complex purchase decisions.

PERQ wasn’t always a digital product company, but they had a vision for how a product could elevate their existing services business. When Stephanie joined, she took this vision and turned it into a usable and marketable product. However, the journey to identifying and building the right product didn’t happen overnight.

In this week’s conversation, you’ll hear how Stephanie was able to continually evolve PERQ’s product offering to deliver true value to its end user. She also shares her insights on how a great product may be great, but without the right support (i.e. sales and marketing), the product means nothing; it just becomes another tool.

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