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Going from Product Focused to User-Centric with Marieke McCloskey, Humu

Often we approach ideas and products without a full understanding of the users. How do we focus on the users first instead of the product? 

You can validate bad ideas done well, but you can’t really tell whether the idea itself was good without research.” — Christian Beck

In the conversation with Marieke McCloskey, Lead UX Researcher at Humu, we break down the misconceptions many founders have about research while sharing ways to maximize its impact earlier in the process.


  • User research will save on development reducing wasted efforts 
  • Infusing research throughout the organization empowers the team to create better products
  • Infusing research earlier in the process will develop a user-centric product 

Things to Listen For:

  • [01:06] Defining People Scientists 
  • [03:24] Humu going from product focus to user 
  • [05:11] The difference between people and users
  • [07:04] How you get the context for user research for B2B and B2C
  • [10:20] Creating a research strategy 
  • [14:52] Making the case for user research 
  • [16:36] How to structure the organization to empower more research 
  • [19:39] The Breakdown with Christian and Anna
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