Better Product

Pitch Perfect: The Five Minute Product Pitch

The product pitch deck is often the ‘thing’ you need to fundraise, to share the vision and to secure buy-in. For many, the pitch ends up guiding the development of the product.

On this episode, we’re talking with Chelsea Linder. She’s the Director of the gBeta Indy program – a seven week accelerator program for early stage companies.

A common misconception we explore is that people think it’s easy to 1) develop a product and 2) raise money. But she’s telling us right now, those people are wrong. It’s a full-time job – and you’ll hear why. You’ll also hear from our resident expert Brittany Young on the right way to think about your pitch deck.

Regardless of where you are in your product development – from your first one to refining features – this conversation will give you the roadmap of what to include in your pitch deck.

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