Better Product

Series Kick-Off: D2C, The New Way We Buy

D2C is becoming the new way we buy anything. From groceries to furniture, brands are cutting out the middleman and selling their products directly to the end consumer. 

Next-level products are what make this D2C transformation possible. In this series, we’re talking to the people behind a few of those products:

We also take an inside look at building products at a company that doesn’t identify as a tech company. And of course, Christian and Meghan will share the mic in exploring the implications of a D2C strategy. 

How does this impact the retail industry as a whole? We’ll explore that too. But mostly, this series will make you want to open up your phone and start shopping.


  • D2C is transforming the way we buy.
  • Next-level products enable successful D2C strategies.
  • D2C impacts brand strategy.
  • Buckle up to learn from powerhouse product leaders!
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