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Trailer: Unlock Product Marketing

Product marketing is the foundation for better product. It should play a strategic role in your business from day one. It’s a product discipline to master and respect—not just a list of jobs to be done.

But product marketers continue to struggle with recognition. Because the discipline is still new, the way product leaders think about product marketing is continuously evolving.

That’s why Innovatemap’s Tina Hafer and Leanna Adeola are taking over the Better Product podcast for a special series on the power of product marketing. Alongside fellow industry experts, they’ll explore why digital products need product marketing to accelerate growth, how company leaders can best equip product marketers, and the power product marketers have as the translation point between product, sales, marketing, executives, and most of all, your audience. 

​​We’re exploring product marketing’s past, present, and future with: 

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