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A brand is a set of distinctive perceptions, ideas, and feelings that people have about your company and your digital product. These are formed through experiences with the business, your product’s user interface, advertisements, word of mouth, and many more avenues.

Here's an analogy.

It’s helpful to think about brands like you think about people. Each person has a brand, or a set of behaviors, quirks, and characteristics you come to expect from them. And their brand – your idea of who that person is – evolves over time as you get to know them better, see them in new contexts, and learn more about their background.

Why does it matter?

Every interaction with your business is a brand interaction. These interactions shape their perception of your business and this perception impacts every decision they make. It shapes their willingness to try your product, renew your product, advocate for your product, and more. Businesses with enviable brands are more resilient, charge premium prices, and enjoy lower customer acquisition costs and churn rates. Many of the world’s most enviable brands are also the most valuable.

How does it apply?

By far, the most important brand experience for digital products is the user experience. Can your users easily complete tasks? Going further, is completing tasks enjoyable for them? Is the product regularly improved to add value? If not, you have work to do.

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