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The actions a company takes to shape the way people think about it.

Here's an analogy.

Most people, intentionally or not, curate an external image of how they wish to be seen and known. The clothes we wear, the restaurants we visit, the friends we associate with, the cars we drive, and the Instagram photos we share are all ways we curate our external image to the world.

Why does it matter?

Given the many business benefits of having an admirable brand (see brand), it is important for businesses to take proactive steps to convey a strong, consistent, pleasing external image.

How does it apply?

The steps your business takes around brand identity and marketing can shape initial opinions and perceptions of the business. But the most meaningful branding actions that shape public perception require an amazing digital product that solves problems and is enjoyable to use. Every decision made by the product team—not just the visuals—is a branding decision.

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