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Digital Product

Any software-enabled product, such as an app, e-commerce site, software or service that provides value to its users.

Here's an analogy.

We imagine you know what a digital product is by now, so this isn’t really an analogy. But here’s a thought: Think about how many digital products you use daily. Between work, personal affairs, entertainment, and more, you likely use many. Any time you order groceries, watch a video, or create a presentation at your job, you’re engaging with a digital product.

Why does it matter?

Every company, regardless of industry, needs to have a digital product to keep up with the changing landscape. Whether your digital product is your core business or you create a product that complements your non-tech business, it is critical to have a digital presence to meet the needs of your customers.

How does it apply?

Bringing a digital product to life requires you as a company to leverage all disciplinary approaches. The best digital products are the result of product designers, product managers, product brand designers, and product marketers working together.

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