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A way to group and sell your product’s features in a logical, easy-to-understand framework based on the maximum value added to the buyer.

Here's an analogy.

Similar to how a McDonald’s Happy Meal is built to appeal to a child’s appetite while the super-sized meal is for especially hungry customers, digital product packaging groups features in the ways that appeal to the needs and wants of different types of buyers.

Why does it matter?

Effective packaging of your digital product’s features helps a buyer easily understand the value they can derive from your product, empowering them to identify the right offering to buy. Customers often make different buying decisions when they see the features packaged in a logical way than they would if they picked them à la carte.

How does it apply?

Successful packaging collects and organizes the most meaningful features of your digital product to make it easy for buyers to understand and feel compelled to buy.

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