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Product Brand

Product branding is the process of creating the distinctive perceptions, ideas and feelings that people have about your digital product. Your product’s brand is made up of all visual components that represent your company in the market.

Here's an analogy.

A product brand team is like the interior designer giving your home a consistent, polished, beautiful visual identity. Just like some homes have a rustic feel while others may go more industrial, depending on the personality and goals of the homeowner, your product brand should represent your company in a consistent way that represents and achieves your product and business goals.

Why does it matter?

Every interaction with your digital product is a brand interaction. These interactions shape the perception of your product and business, and this perception impacts every decision your buyers make. It shapes their willingness to renew your product, advocate for your product, try any of your other products, and more.

How does it apply?

The most formative brand experience for digital product companies by far is the user experience of the product. Put simply, great brands in the digital product space start with a great digital product.

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