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Product Roadmap

A strategic, forward-looking document that visually maps out what will be built in your product over a span of time.

Here's an analogy.

A roadmap is just like the name describes—a map that directs you down certain roads to get to your end destination. Is it possible your end destination will change? Sure. Is it possible there will be traffic on a road that makes you take a different route instead? Absolutely. Your product roadmap will need to change over time, but acts as a great visual to help you adjust as market conditions change. From there, you can build the right features for your digital product that support the goals of your business.

Why does it matter?

Without a product roadmap, it’s easy to lose sight of long term product and company goals, which can lead to short-term features or custom sales requests being prioritized higher than they should be. Roadmaps are very effective for communicating to other departments what is being built in the product and why decisions are being made.

How does it apply?

Roadmaps guide what is built in a digital product to ensure that you are building and prioritizing the right features that will allow your product and your business to achieve long-term goals.

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