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Solution Visual

An illustrated representation of the solution a company offers to the market. Solution visuals represent either a digital product, or a combination of product and services. They can include the benefits, modules, and features of a digital product.

Here's an analogy.

Just like your history textbook may break down a set of complex facts into an easy-to-understand timeline, your solution visual takes your product’s features and benefits and presents them in an easy-to-understand visual that allows viewers to immediately see what using your product will do for them.

Why does it matter?

For visual learners, solution visuals communicate what words cannot. They illustrate the solution your product provides. Complicated products and solutions are often easier to comprehend in a visual format, and a well-made solution visual does just that.

How does it apply?

Digital products often contain a complicated mix of benefits, modules and features. Your solution visual is a great way to illustrate a complicated product hierarchy in its simplest form.

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