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Splash Page

A single-page website, often no longer than the height of a computer screen. Your splash page is supposed to act as a placeholder for a full product site in order to establish credibility while your product or company is still in the early stages.

Here's an analogy.

Just like a movie trailer teases what hasn’t yet been released, a splash page proves that your company or product is “real” and credible, and builds excitement for what’s to come.

Why does it matter?

If you have a business, you need a website. But startups move fast, and as a result, it can be nearly impossible to create, update, and maintain a website in the early stages of a business. When you’re ideating every day, your brilliant idea from last week might be in the garbage tomorrow. You need a temporary placeholder.

How does it apply?

For digital products, splash pages allow you to experiment with messaging, build a potential customer base, create anticipation, and drive downloads and sign-ups.

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