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UX Renovation

The process of making major design changes to a digital product based on findings from user research and customer feedback. Often necessary when the MVP or first iteration of the product was rushed, isn’t scalable, or was designed without the correct personas or usability in mind.

Here's an analogy.

A couple of years after living in your new house, you notice that you are cooking much larger meals now that you have two kids. But when you built the kitchen you didn’t anticipate needing that much counter space. So, you renovate the old kitchen to accommodate—and while you’re at it, you knock down a wall so you can keep your eyes on the children playing in the living room as you cook.

Why does it matter?

UX renovations help set your product up for a successful future. They also provide a long-term plan for your product’s growth and usability. It’s necessary to fix any issues or misguided choices as early as possible so you don’t end up with a Frankenstein product that is out of date, overwhelmed with features, and not solving the right problems for your users.

How does it apply?

MVPs are often designed quickly by engineers or product managers to demonstrate a concept, sometimes without enough user validation or upfront research. A renovation led by UX designers and design-minded product managers will focus on the users, the business, and the real problems the product is trying to solve.

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