Pawduct Design 101: How belly rubs increase pawductivity.

When looking to increase pawductivity, we look to others in the community to share their best practices and experiences. We have pulled together tips and tricks from our community to help.

Treatos = Always

You can never have too many treats. While constantly rewarding yourself with treatos may feel like overkill, there is no such thing.

By consistently rewarding yourself, you will always be happy. Have a treato. Keep on keepin’ on.

Belly Rubs for Days

Consistent belly rubs have been proven to increase pawductivity. By providing many scritches, humanagers have noted increased pupper smiles, and drive to do better work.

Belly rubs can also release serotonin for humanagers… whatever that means.


Ball is not proven to increase productivity, but ball is very good. We highly recommend more ball.

Note: Humanagers WILL keep dropping ball, and you will need to return it. It is your duty.

About the author:

Dashi is an Executive Pawduct Design Pawtner who loves big city walks and small town rom-coms.

Read more about him here.

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