A New Wave of Collaboration with Dominik Zane, Around

The future of remote work is playful. Introducing play into a work environment doesn’t make you less productive. It opens the space to be creative and it leads to better output.

It’s exactly why Dominik Zane built Around.

He joins our Future of Work series to share how his team identified problems with remote work and how they built a solution to fit the new wave of collaboration. It means allowing for playful, frictionless teamwork that keeps all participants engaged.

Dominik explains how Around solves the pain he and many remote teams experience. His story of innovation will leave you looking for opportunities to develop solutions for new use cases.


  • Recognize the importance of playfulness at work
  • Embrace the new wave of collaboration
  • Pay attention to and develop solutions for new use cases
  • Determine the suite of tools that work for your team

Things to Listen For:

  • [00:40] Identifying a problem with remote work solutions
  • [02:20] The evolution of meetings into collaborative sessions
  • [03:25] Making video calls more playful
  • [04:30] Developing solutions for new use cases
  • [06:20] Augmenting the creative process with Around
  • [08:00] Experiencing an issue as a “problem insider” and “industry outsider”
  • [08:45] Removing friction from hybrid calls with the Echo Terminator
  • [10:20] Recognizing the importance of playfulness at work
  • [11:50] Humanizing software