Acquisition Series | Salesforce’s Joanna Milliken on Growth and Perspective Through Acquisition

Joanna Milliken on Better Product Podcast

This week, we wrap up our series on managing products through acquisition by digging into one of the most notable acquisition stories here in Indianapolis. In 2013, San Francisco-based tech company Salesforce purchased Indianapolis-based digital marketing company ExactTarget, effectively forming what is known today as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

In this episode, we talk with Joanna Milliken about her experience going from one of the first employees at ExactTarget in 2001 to being Senior Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce. Joanna shares her career journey from sales and marketing into product and what has changed from her early days at a start-up to now holding a leadership position at an enterprise company. 

Listen in to hear part four of our series on managing products through acquisition.