Better Product LAUNCH: Guide

Better Product LAUNCH: Guide

What if Masterclass and TikTok had a B2B baby? The result would be Guide, a video-based learning platform focused on bite-sized video content. 

In this episode of Better Product LAUNCH, Christian sits down with Tim Salau, CEO and Co-Founder of Guide, for a conversation about why work matters, and the importance of exercising more control over our career.

Tim and his team founded Guide as a life-skills training platform for high school students. Then COVID happened. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll hear how Guide pivoted into an enterprise-focused B2B learning and talent development app.


  • The future of work is about being proactive
  • Pivoting doesn’t mean changing your “Why”
  • The best growth and learning happens in teams

Things to Listen For:

  • [3:28] The source of Tim’s passion for the future of work
  • [6:07] What’s the benefit to employers?
  • [9:11] The Guide story
  • [15:08] The importance of the “team” vocabulary
  • [17:50] What’s next for Guide?

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