Better Product LAUNCH: Lex

BP Launch: Kell Rakowski, Lex

Kell Rakowski is the CEO and Founder of Lex, the lo-fi, text-centered social app that connects queer community. In this episode of Better Product LAUNCH, she sits down with Anna to discuss how she went from a photo director to a startup founder.

Kell’s fascination with personal ads and lesbian culture were the sparks inspiring her to create a social network dedicated to the queer community. As she shares her passion for creating a special product with a high-quality user experience, you’ll hear how Lex evolved from a vibrant Instagram community to a venture-backed app.


  • Think about what you want your product to achieve
  • Find what connects your users to each other 
  • Moving in baby steps is okay
  • Let your brand reflect your origins

Things to Listen For:

  • [0:55] The Story of Lex
  • [5:59] Why you should give power to your users
  • [10:46] How much should users shape your product?
  • [16:45] How does Lex’s story affect the brand?
  • [20:21] What’s next for Lex?

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