Boardable’s Krista Martin on Representation & the Future of Non-Profits

Non-profit boards are experiencing a culture shift. For the first time, many boards are leaning into virtual formats, creating new opportunities for more people to get involved. 

Krista Martin, vice president of growth at Boardable, examines these changes every day in her work. She explains how the movement to online will make boards more accessible, and more accountable, to the communities they serve.


  • Non-profit boards are entering a period of transition. 
  • Transparency on boards often comes down to making the right info available. 
  • Boardable is evolving as a product to help boards rethink how they operate.

Things To Listen For:

  • [0:55] What Boardable is and why the product focuses on non-profits
  • [1:50] The traditional way boards meet 
  • [3:00] How going fully virtual forced boards to change 
  • [4:00] How Boardable’s internal experiences with hybrid work informed the product
  • [5:30] Why boards today are facing a “culture shift” 
  • [6:10] Boardable product features that level the playing field for involvement 
  • [7:00] Why context is everything in virtual board meetings 
  • [7:40] Virtual board meetings create opportunities for community engagement 
  • [8:40] Krista’s personal experience serving on a board as a young mother
  • [10:00] Why non-profit boards should reflect the communities they serve
  • [11:30] How to create a “board culture”
  • [14:10] An exploration of Boardable’s product features 
  • [17:30] The challenges to creating diversity on non-profit boards 
  • [18:10] Technology can’t solve all problems, but it can introduce change faster