Closing the Gap in Neurological Health Care with Elizabeth Burstein, CEO of Neura Health

When Elizabeth Burstein began enduring chronic migraines, she struggled to find access to quality care when she needed it most. Like the thousands of other people with serious neurological conditions, connecting with professionals who could help was a persistent challenge. So she and her partners founded Neura Health, an app that connects patients to neurological health specialists while also empowering them with the education they need to advocate for solutions. 

In this episode of Better Product, Elizabeth shares Neura’s plan to scale in communities where neurological health solutions are needed most, helping to close a critical gap in access. 


  • Patients with neurological health conditions face a quality of care gap.
  • Health tech products can make professional care more efficient.
  • Finding the right time to evolve your health tech product matters.

Things To Listen For

  • [4:00] Introducing Neura Health and its mission around neurological health
  • [4:15] Liz describes a personal chronic pain condition that influences her work
  • [5:50] Neura’s expansion into neurological conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s
  • [6:30] How Liz’s product journey began with a role at LinkedIn
  • [7:00] The potential of scaling thoughtful software products
  • [9:00] Exploring Liz’s introduction to health tech at Maven Clinic
  • [9:50] The difference direct-to-consumer health products can make
  • [10:30] Exploring the lack of neurologists in the U.S.
  • [11:15] Why many people suffering don’t get care
  • [12:00] How Neura serves neurologists by making their work more efficient
  • [14:00] The difference between occasional migraines and chronic migraines
  • [15:00] Understanding the variety of headaches (150 types) to personalize care
  • [16:00] Considering outcome metrics vs. engagement metrics in product
  • [16:50] Why Neura’s fundamental metric is, “are our patients feeling better?
  • [18:30] How Neura’s “care concierge” fills the access to care gap for patients
  • [19:30] How Neura educates users about neurological health care with content
  • [20:00] How Liz approaches building a product by first understanding the problem
  • [21:30] How Neura acts as a single place where patients can track their symptoms
  • [22:00] Why light sensitivity and gender influenced Neura’s brand decisions
  • [23:00] How a diverse health team enables Neura to serve a diverse audience
  • [24:00] Finding the right time to evolve your health product
  • [25:30] Exploring the influence of health deserts on Neura’s expansion plan
  • [29:30] Why we need more data about neurological health to change the system

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