Enabling Structured Work with Paige Costello, Asana

Struggling to help your team see that their work really matters? Is there a disconnect between your day-to-day and your big-picture vision?

Paige Costello of Asana joins our Future of Work series to share how she and her team solve these problems. We discuss the importance of clear prioritization and outcome-oriented goals to keep your team engaged and working purposefully.

Paige also shares how she builds confidence in the midst of uncertainty and defines customer-focused metrics.

Oh, and how her team achieves all this without using email.


  • Focus on your customers’ biggest, most frequent problem to define your category.
  • Understand the core problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Work toward outcomes rather than completing tasks.
  • Give your team confidence and purpose by creating clear priorities.
  • Set customer-first KPIs that correlate with retention and expansion.

Things to Listen For:

  • [01:15] The genesis of Asana 
  • [03:30] Defining the work management category
  • [04:00] Developing scalable work management tools for cross-functional teams
  • [06:30] Asana’s vision: enabling structured work
  • [07:15] Leaning into asynchronous work using Asana
  • [08:40] Creating transparency and alignment without email
  • [10:40] Improving remote work with clear prioritization
  • [13:30] Building confidence in the midst of uncertainty
  • [14:10] Achieving outcomes rather than completing tasks
  • [15:15] Using goals to foster outcome-oriented teams in Asana
  • [16:00] Selecting customer-focused outcomes 
  • [17:30] Defining KPIs at Asana
  • [19:25] Helping teams work together effortlessly
  • [21:30] Focusing on ease of adoption at Asana

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