Establishing Generational Health for Black Families with Tiffany Whitlow, NOWINCLUDED Co-Founder

What do you do when your voice isn’t recognized by the healthcare industry? From a lack of Black physicians to clinical trials not having enough Black participants, the odds are stacked against Black patients seeking care from a system that wasn’t built for them. Tiffany Whitlow co-founded the product NOWINCLUDED as a new answer to this systemic problem—one that hopes to build “generational health” for Black families everywhere. As Tiffany explores in this episode, NOWINCLUDED creates real change by serving as a digital community where individuals can share their healthcare stories with industry leaders looking to make more inclusive decisions.


  • Systemic barriers limit positive health outcomes for Black patients.
  • Industry leaders need more inclusive data to make better decisions.
  • NOWINCLUDED shows how health tech products can focus on industry changes to create individual impact.

Things To Listen For

  • [2:30] The importance of learning from diverse data in health tech
  • [4:15] Tiffany reflects on launching the NOWINCLUDED community
  • [5:00] How personal health journeys inspired the NOWINCLUDED vision
  • [6:40] What the name “NOWINCLUDED” represents about urgency & inclusion
  • [7:20] Why NOWINCLUCDED strives to build “generational health”
  • [8:30] How COVID-19 forced conversations that set the stage for NOWINCLUDED
  • [10:45] Exploring the difference between Acclinate & NOWINCLUDED
  • [11:30] What to understand about the lack of diversity in clinical health trials
  • [13:15] Recognizing the core challenges to Black health, including:
    • A lack of Black physicians, limiting opportunities for trust
    • Stunted access to childcare, narrowing when parents might seek treatment
    • An overall lack of knowledge around personal health 
  • [15:00] Why limited minority participation in clinical trials impacts health outcomes
  • [16:30] How NOWINCLUDED builds trust within its brand AND product
  • [20:30] NOWINCLUDED’s vision for brand partnerships, including its current partnership with Johnson & Johnson
  • [22:00] The reality: “Black people were not at the table when decisions were being made across multiple industries”
  • [22:30] Why NOWINCLUDED balances informing with demanding progress
  • [25:45] Comparing how health products focus on people vs. industry
  • [26:50] Products give industry leaders the data they need to research better
  • [27:40] Better industry research results in better, specific outcomes for individuals
  • [29:30] Why NOWINCLUDED is more than an advocacy platform
  • [30:30] NOWINCLUDED’s experience having Google as an investor
  • [31:50] What’s next for NOWINCLUDED