Experience-Driven Products for Relationship Wellness with the Founders of Ours

Today we’re talking about love—but not in the way you think. We’re looking at the intersection of product and a timeless human experience: falling in, and out, of love. Forget couples counseling as you know it. Ours co-founders Liz Earnshaw, Jessica Holton, and Adam Putterman are using their relationship wellness platform to reduce stigma and build “software for love.” In conversation with Christian & Meghan, the Ours founders will help you cherish the couple experience (and building great products) all over again. 

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  • Experience-driven products keep people at the center of tech. 
  • A brand plays a big role in reducing stigma around health products. 
    • Try a consumer look that will get your audience excited. 
    • Use symbolic language to show your audience the bigger picture.

Things To Listen For

  • [2:00] Introductions & our fave love stories, from Jim & Pam to Bride Wars
  • [8:00] How the idea for Ours was born from personal experiences in relationship counseling, from the patient and therapist POV 
  • [8:30] The intention: make couples therapy something worth celebrating 
  • [9:30] Why couples therapy can be like going to a spa or yoga retreat 
  • [10:30] The role of technology in creating better therapy, from patient onboarding to tracking 
  • [13:00] There are enough therapists in the world, but not enough ways to get connected with the patients who need them
  • [13:30] The difference between proactive and reactive couples therapy 
  • [15:00] What it means to create an experience-driven product
  • [16:00] Ours should feel like a hot yoga class: challenging but worthwhile
  • [16:30] How Ours blends live guided sessions with asynchronous “loveware” 
  • [19:30] How the Ours brand breaks down barriers to relationship wellness
  • [20:30] Balancing playfulness & expression in the Ours brand with sincerity 
  • [24:00] Making relationship wellness normal by making it public 
  • [27:30] Why Ours primarily focuses on engaged couples 
  • [33:30] “Our closest relationships are the number one predictor behind health and happiness”

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