Future of Work: The Wrap-Up

Organizations around the world are figuring out what work will look like now and in the future. No one has the answer, but everyone is trying to crack the code to create the ideal work environment. 

We’re wrapping up our Future of Work series, where we explored products that transform  the way we work, collaborate, and communicate. 

In this final episode of the series, we look back on our conversations with these trailblazing leaders:

We reflect on what we’ve learned and share some of the themes that stood out across conversations.


  • The remote work tech stack is growing from “necessarily evil” products to products designed with users top of mind.
  • Design for user delight, not just functionality.
  • A rich set of tools can lead to a rich set of perspectives and personalities.
  • Beware of tool overload. Consider your process holistically before adding a new tool.
  • Open your mind to new products that could improve the way you work.
  • Consider what the future of work could look like for your organization.