Getting Back to Better Product Basics

What happens when all your dreams come true but you lose sight of why you started?

Four years ago, things weren’t looking good for Gumroad, an e-commerce audience-building software that helps creators do more of what they love. In order for things to turn around, it required going back to what made the product a great idea from the beginning.

For Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad, this meant seeing their customers as human beings and giving them a platform that made their lives easier. After sky-rocketing to success, Sahil and his team endured an up-and-down journey that led them to enlightening conclusions about what made Gumroad great and what the mission of their product truly is.

Listen in to hear the story of how a great product, built over the course of one weekend, grew to phenomenal heights, encountered unexpected challenges, and rediscovered its purpose.