Harnessing Fast Feedback for Better Product Marketing with Peep Laja, Wynter

Product marketing is an evolving field with much left to define about what PMMs can actually measure and support. Peep Laja founded his company, Wynter, on the belief that product marketers do better work with swift, real-time feedback on their product messaging. In today’s conversation, he explains why taking weeks (or even months) to do critical testing and validation puts your product in a losing position. He’ll also describe how Wynter is helping B2B product marketers get impactful insights on their product’s messaging & positioning, without wasting time on KPIs that keep you looking in the rearview mirror. 

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  • If you wait to test and validate your product marketing, you lose.
  • Product marketers should prioritize the speed of feedback.
  • When marketing your product, prioritize function over form.
  • The best differentiation is to actually be different.

Things To Listen For

  • [1:30] An introduction to Peep (and a callback to an episode he inspired)
  • [2:00] Better copy leads to conversion. But how do you know if your copy is good?
  • [3:00] How Wynter can give you direct feedback from your target customer
  • [6:00] Product marketing is ultimately about finding common ground between opinions—from your marketers, your sales team, your CEO,  and your customers
  • [7:30] Wynter’s goal is to speed up feedback loops; no more waiting for insights
  • [9:00] Wynter democratizes user research, even if you’re not a research expert
  • [9:30] Product marketing is troublesome because it’s a new & evolving role
  • [10:00] Don’t let your product marketers be “deck monkeys”
  • [13:00] Revenue as a metric is like looking through the rearview mirror
  • [14:30] Peep’s buckets for understanding product messaging:
    • Clarity – does your audience “get it”? Do they want it?
    • Relevance – are you speaking about things that are a high priority?
    • Desirability – is your product’s value understood? Do people want it?
    • Differentiation – have you made clear how your product stands out?
    • Brand – are you creating the right perception for your product?
  • [17:00] “Messaging and copy are the manifestations of your positioning”
  • [21:00] Clarity in messaging is key: “if they don’t get it, they’re not going to buy it”
  • [23:30] Don’t treat your website homepage like Netflix
  • [24:30] What it looks like to sell a category vs. sell a narrative
  • [30:00] Differentiation also comes down to how you see yourself

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