How Aavia Shows ‘Hormones Don’t Discriminate’ with CEO & Co-Founder Aagya Mathur

Aagya Mathur started her career with the goal of helping people. In college, she designed artificial arteries for patients; now, she leads the hormone health company Aavia as co-founder & CEO. 

Today Aagya is on a mission to demystify hormone health and birth control. She talks about how Aavia’s brand is working to show that “hormones don’t discriminate.” Like metabolism, hormones affect everyone differently, so they present a unique challenge when creating a product that’s meant to help users maintain balance.


  • Building a brand around a stigmatized health area like hormones requires establishing trust in a community.
  • Health products often encompass several focuses to find success, and this is why Aavia’s product is built on three pillars: technology, education, and community.

Things To Listen For

  • [1:15] Why Aavia was built as a response to personal experiences in health care
  • [2:39] Aagya describes her personal challenges with the birth control pill
  • [3:45] Why the concept of hormone health is bigger than periods
  • [4:25] Aagya describes the lack of attention to people with ovaries in health studies
  • [5:10] Aagya defines what “hormone health” represents for Aavia’s audience
  • [6:00] Agya describes how hormones act in a cycle and impact daily life
  • [6:30] How hormones change over a person’s lifespan; similar to metabolism
  • [6:45] Why personalization is essential to Aavia’s product
  • [7:35] Addressing the misconception that birth control is only for contraception
  • [8:15] How maintaining hormones can be represented by an equilibrium
  • [8:30] Statistics on the consequences of inconsistently taking birth control
  • [9:15] How Aavia’s sensor case can help keep hormone health on track
  • [12:00] Why Aavia has an education pillar as part of its product
  • [12:30] Aavia’s primary pillars: Technology, education, and community
  • [13:00] How Aavia adopted a community pillar after learning from members
  • [14:30] How the Aavia app creates community through small groups and message boards
  • [15:30] Exploring Aavia’s bold branding and inclusive positioning
  • [16:30] Aavia’s core values as a brand
  • [17:40] The impact of Gen Z on Aavia and the hormone health conversation
  • [18:00] Why hormones impact everyone and how Aavia is inclusive
  • [19:00] Why Aavia avoids traditional branding and using the word “woman”
  • [20:30] What projects are on the horizon for Aavia’s brand, including a new case
  • [21:30] How Aavia adapts to what you need, and why you don’t need to have an immediate hormonal challenge to be involved in the community