Product Marketing Series | How Does Product Marketing Differ from Traditional Marketing?

Product marketing vs. traditional marketing

In the first episode of our new series on Product Marketing, we talked to some key players in the industry to answer the most obvious question: What is product marketing? On today’s show, we dig a little deeper to learn some ways that product marketing differs from traditional marketing.

Regardless of where product marketing lives within an organization, the role requires a lot of collaboration. So how do product marketers work with other marketers? And how can product developers best understand the role and how they can play in part in crafting the narrative of the products they create? We’ll answer all of this and more with the help of some great guests.

In this episode, we hear from Justine Jordan, former Head of Marketing at Help Scout, Maureen West, Head of Product Marketing at Conga, Daniel Incandela, Chief Marketing Officer at Conga, Drew Beechler, Director of Marketing at High Alpha, Rob Wiley Head of Marketing and Product Strategy at Formstack, and Patrick Tripp, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital.

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