Series Kick-Off: Big Data & ‘Enlightenment As A Product’ In The Age Of Health Tech

We’re kicking off our latest series on Health Tech by exploring the rise of Big Data, wearable tech, and what it means to be “enlightened” by a product. 

Often, enlightenment is understood in a spiritual sense; in the age of wearable health tech and personalized digital products, enlightenment is emerging by empowering users with real-time information about their health. Of course, there’s a catch. With more visibility also comes more risk, and product leaders have to consider how their products impact how a person responds to health issues.  

Christian & Meghan explore these themes and more in our Health Tech series kick-off ahead of episodes featuring the leaders behind innovative health products, including: 

  • Aagya Mathur, co-founder & CEO of Aavia, a hormone health brand
  • David Flinner, co-founder of the glucose monitoring app Levels
  • Elizabeth Burstein, CEO & co-founder of the virtual neurology clinic Neura Health that helps users manage chronic headaches and migraines
  • Frank Bach, a lead product designer at the widely popular mindfulness app Headspace


  • Users want not only control of their data; they want insights. 
  • App ecosystems are forming around modern health tech.
  • Health tech brands must balance being sensitive and bold to earn trust.

Things To Listen For

  • [1:30] Themes we observed while making the Health Tech series 
  • [2:10] Exploring Big Data and the rise of wearable tech 
  • [3:00] How Christian & Meghan use (or don’t use) health tech
  • [3:15] How companies are learning to build new products by leveraging data 
  • [3:30] The evolution of Fitbit as the origin of wearable tech 
  • [4:20] How wearable health tech influences the decisions we make 
  • [4:45] The risk of health tech creating “obsessions” with personal health
  • [5:20] The health tech Christian uses to inform his life 
  • [6:40] The health tech Meghan uses to inform her life 
  • [7:30] Age differences and how that influences interest in health tech
  • [7:40] How modern health tech is introducing “real-time tracking”
  • [8:20] How health tech empowers not only the user but also companies 
  • [10:15] The implications of “product ecosystems” in health tech
  • [12:10] The balance between enlightening users & creating solutions  
  • [13:40] The intersection of community and personal health 
  • [14:00] People-facing health tech vs. industry-facing health tech
  • [15:10] An exploration of the diversity challenge in clinical trials 
  • [16:30] How building health products for people affects brand
  • [18:50] The difference between enlightening people and asking them to share
  • [20:20] How to balance being “sensitive & bold” in your health tech brand
  • [22:30] Why it matters to lead health product communities with vulnerability
  • [25:30] Why people are more interested in learning from their data