Series Kick-off: The Future of Work

The way we work will never be the same, from where we work to how it gets done. We’re bringing you a new series, The Future of Work, exploring products that are powering the change behind the way we work, collaborate, and communicate.

Buckle up for conversations with these trailblazing leaders sharing the products they’ve built:

In this kickoff episode, Meghan and Christian discuss the products, companies, and leaders we’ll be meeting during this series. They share their thoughts on the future of work, the questions we’re considering in this series, and why we chose to focus on these products and people.


  • Open your mind to new products that could improve the way you work.
  • Consider what the future of work could look like for your organization.
  • Share your culture with the world and you’ll attract the people who connect with it.
  • Get ready to discover new products with the leaders that helped build them!