Series Kickoff: How to Effectively Use Data

How to Use Data

Our newest podcast series is all about the real power of data. The issue in today’s world isn’t access to data; rather, it’s this feeling of “more is more.” Yet, the power of data doesn’t come from more. It comes from being able to tell a story with it. 

The reality of data is that most people collect it but don’t know what to do with it. What you’ll learn in this series has little to do with collecting data, instead, it’s taking a look at maximizing it and being able to act on it as a result. 

Interviews will highlight organizations and people who are doing industry-leading work with data and using it not just to build databases, but to build valuable products.

Joining the series is Kat Kennedy from Degreed, Marieke McCloskey from Humu, Dennis Mortenson with, and Kendra Clarke from Sparks and Honey

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