The Competitive Advantage of Data with Kat Kennedy, Chief Experience Officer, Degreed

How to Effectively Use Data - Kat Kennedy, Degreed

On this episode of Better Product, Christian and Anna are joined by Kat Kennedy, Chief Experience Officer at Degreed, a learning experience platform that provides a better, smarter, faster way to develop and share your team’s skills.

As the conversation unfolds, Kat explains why you have to be intentional about what you’re trying to solve and how looking at numbers is never enough. Along the way, you’ll learn how you can use data to create a competitive advantage.

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  • It is important to have a “North Star” guiding your product 
  • Start with the question, not the data
  • How to evaluate if an acquisition is meaningful
  • Look at ways to maximize data and actually act on it

Things to Listen For:

  • [07:47] it’s one thing to trust your gut. It’s another to have a strong North Star. 
  • [09:14] What are North star metrics?
  • [11:05] The story of Degreed acquiring Adaptive 
  • [14:25] Understanding the value of an acquisition vs. partnership
  • [18:33] Acting on the data collected inside of a product organization

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