Square, Block, and the Impact of Your Product Name

Changing a company or product name in a rebrand is a big decision. That’s because renames are usually seen as a way to cement a changed identity. But what if we told you that names are only as valuable as what we build around them? We’re exploring the concept through the recent Square-to-Block rename, and what to consider when putting a name to your own product. 

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  • Names are significant, but what you build around them matters more. 
  • It’s the burden of brand & positioning to make a name mean something. 
  • Big Tech names are trending towards generic words—but does that actually limit creativity for others?

Things To Listen For:

  • [1:00] How Meghan & Christian got their own names
  • [2:30] A name change isn’t just about a word; it’s about an evolved identity
  • [2:50] What really matters to a name is the strength of your brand & positioning
  • [3:00] Good names don’t have to make sense, but they should be memorable…
  • [4:00] …and what you do with your name usually matters more than the meaning
  • [5:20] Introducing the Square story through a book, The Innovation Stack
  • [6:20] Why Square chose the new name Block
  • [9:30] An established name should influence how you think about brand & product
  • [10:20] Why there’s no “one way” to name your company
  • [11:00] It’s the burden of brand & positioning to make names mean something
  • [11:15] Revisiting the Mailchimp & Surveymonkey rebrand
  • [14:00] Names don’t always reflect the product—and that’s OK
  • [15:00] Names tend to evolve with how they’ll be used
  • [15:45] When it might be time for a company to consider a rename
  • [17:00] Understanding how names and renames can influence growth
  • [19:00] Are current trends in Big Tech names “land grabs”?